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Recycled Woven Fabric fashion cloth bedding

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • T-shirts children's wear men's and women's casual wear windbreaker gloves scarves towels
  • recycled cloth can be recycled to save energy
  • environmennt protective
  • hight elasticity
  • high quality and low price

Product Details

Recycled fabric refers to the fabric made of recycled fiber. Recycled fiber, also known as recycled fiber, is a fiber made of recycled waste polymer materials and waste textile materials, which are reused after physical loosening, or spun after melting or dissolution, or further cracked into small molecules for re polymerization and spinning. According to different sources and components, it can be divided into three categories: recycled chemical fiber, recycled cotton fiber and recycled wool fiber, and there are corresponding recycled fabrics, such as recycled cotton fabric, recycled wool fabric, etc.zmkm-800_800 - 2021-11-22T202414.504.jpgzmkm-800_800 - 2021-11-22T202426.913.jpgzmkm-800_800 - 2021-11-22T202437.246.jpgzmkm-800_800 - 2021-11-22T202448.796.jpgzmkm-800_800 - 2021-11-22T202459.774.jpg

Dongguan Dinghong Shoe material Co.,Ltd

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