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Five Advantages Of Products

  • windproof waterproof and sweat absorbing
  • suitable for sportwear windbreaker pet clothing
  • renewable cloth with favorable price and high quality
  • environment protective
  • high utilization

Product Details


The strength of polyester fiber is nearly 1 times higher than that of cotton and 3 times higher than that of wool, so polyester fabric is strong and durable.

Heat resistance:

It can be used at 70 ~ 170 ℃, which is the best in heat resistance and thermal stability among synthetic fibers.


The elasticity of polyester is close to that of wool, and its wrinkle resistance is higher than that of other fibers. The fabric is not wrinkled and has good shape retention.

Abrasion resistance:

The wear resistance of polyester is second only to nylon and ranks second among synthetic fibers.

Water absorption:

Polyester has low water absorption and moisture regain and good insulation performance, but due to low water absorption, large static electricity generated by friction and poor dyeing performance.

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