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Five Advantages Of Products

  • customizable decors
  • strict quality requirements
  • a variety of processes can be realized
  • fashion trend
  • recycled fabric environmental protective

Product Details

Introduction to printing process

(1) Screen printing

Printing through a screen. Let the color paste pass where printing is needed, and seal the place where printing is not needed with polymer. Therefore, a color needs a screen. Printing has high requirements for flowers, and a slight deviation will cause color overlap.

(2) Circular screen printing

Circular screen printing refers to the printing of color paste by rotating the shaft on the hollow pattern. Circular screen printing has high efficiency and large output, but it is limited in color.

(3) Transfer printing

It refers to printing pattern on a specific gravure paper with disperse dye and ink to make heat transfer printing paper. Then print the corresponding pattern on the fabric under the condition of high temperature and high pressure of about 210 ℃ 400t. Its advantage is that it is very high-grade and can be different from other printing patterns. The difference lies in the clear hierarchy of printing patterns.

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