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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Leopard pattern, fashionable appearance, is more distinctive in clothing matching
  • The fabric is comfortable and soft to the skin
  • Environmentally friendly materials can be reused to meet the needs of modern people
  • Different sizes, colors and patterns can be customized to meet customer needs
  • recycled fabric environmental protective

Product Details

Leopard print generally represents knowledge and personality. Leopard print is mainly divided into black and white leopard print and color leopard print. Black and white leopard print shows the characteristics of maturity and stability. It is suitable for serious and formal occasions, such as academic speeches or business negotiations; Color leopard print is more like a leopard shuttling through the forest alone. It is full of vitality and youth. It is suitable for relaxed, leisure and entertainment occasions.zmkm-800_800 (99).jpgzmkm-800_800 (98).jpgzmkm-800_800 (97).jpgzmkm-800_800 (96).jpgzmkm-800_800 (95).jpg

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