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Recycled fabrics are popular all over the world

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According to incomplete statistics, there are hundreds of discarded PET bottles covering the surface of the earth at all times, and nearly 1 billion items are destroyed, constantly refreshing the data on the earth’s landfills.

Recycled fabrics are used to wash and process the discarded fabrics to rejuvenate these fabrics and become fabrics that can be applied and sold again. Of course, many processes are required in this process. Recycled fabrics have evolved from various materials through technical means. Among them, the power of environmental protection is also the result of technological precipitation.

The sudden rise of recycled fabrics mainly originated from the European market. In the EU, clothing consumption has increased year by year, but the service life of a single piece of clothing has been drastically reduced, which has caused a lot of textile waste and pollution. Taking France as an example, the average annual increase of 9.5 kg of clothes per capita, but the recycling rate was only about 36% in 2017, and the recycling rate of textile fabrics in the entire EU is even lower, only about 20%.

The so-called GRS certificate is the abbreviation of the textile and apparel global recycling standard, and it is a verification standard established for recycled fibers established by the certification body of the International Environmental Management Union (abbreviated as CU). This verification standard not only regulates the source of raw materials, but also regulates the waste water treatment and the use of chemicals in the production process.

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