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The resilience of the industrial economy continues to show

Release time: 2021-10-23 18:59:21  Hits: 11

"The light industrial economy as a whole has continued its recovery since the beginning of this year, with structural optimization, kinetic energy conversion and quality improvement all progressing steadily, and it should be said that the resilience of overall development continues to show."

This year, the overall smooth development of industry and information technology, the industrial chain supply chain security capacity has been continuously enhanced, transformation and upgrading in-depth promotion, innovation and vitality continued to release, for the completion of the year's target tasks laid a solid foundation. We believe that the current industrial economic stability recovery situation has not changed, the resilience of the economic recovery and internal vivid energy remain strong. "In the future, it will take strenuous efforts to support and serve the healthy development of enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to maintain the stability of key industrial chains and supply chains, to keep the industrial economy running in a reasonable range, and to consolidate the trend towards a better economy."

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