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recycled fabrics have become a new star in the textile inndustry

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As we all know, the yarn of ordinary polyester fabric is extracted from oil, and the recycled PET yarn is extracted from bottles. The recycled PET yarn can reduce the use of oil.

One ton of recycled PET yarn = 67000 plastic bottles = 4.2 tons of carbon dioxide reduction = 0.0364 tons of oil saving = 6.2 tons of water saving.

In addition, although it is recycled fabric, there is no significant difference in time performance from ordinary fabrics in most markets. Moreover, most recycled PET fabrics can be used in a series of luggage products such as mountaineering bags, satchels, schoolbags, computer bags, backpacks and so on after environmental protection dyeing, environmental protection coating and calendering.

At present, with the increasing acceptance of foreign recycled fiber fabrics and clothing, as well as the rapid development of natural fiber and synthetic fiber raw materials

With the shortage, the development of domestic recycled fiber has also ushered in new opportunities, - some enterprises have already possessed the world's leading production technology

And equipment.

In addition, the use of recycled materials has become necessary for environmental protection, and has been highly valued by the state, which has played a positive guiding role in relevant enterprises.

In addition, the society's concept of using waste resources is also gradually changing, so it can be determined that the development opportunities and prospects of recycled fiber in China are optimistic.

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